Portsea Hole – Saturday 20th April 2013

Divers: Mike, Peter, Brenden & Mark

The tide was still running a bit as was entered the water, we made our way down in cooler but clearer water.  The viz was about 15metres, although there is not much to see at 30 metres, it is not until we ascend back up to 24 metres we start to see the fish life. Portsea Hole is great training site, close to the pier & 30 metres deep but if you want a great dive here you will need to stay above 24 metres, because there is nothing but sand below. We can feel the tide change as we start to drift along the wall, the strong winds make it difficult for the boat to pick us up, but once we are back on board its only a short trip back to the dock & then off for lunch before tackling a couple of hours under Mornington Pier.