Mornington Pier – Sunday 9th June 2013

Divers: Mike, Pete, Tim, Chris, Matt, Youri, Keith, Louise  & Mark

We were having a late start to the day today (1.00pm) and perhaps that was the reason why everyone turned up a bit lethargic & not really wanting to get into water that was not all that inviting & had just enough swell that we knew it was going to be a bit surgy underneath. After half an hour of umming & arhing the first lot of divers decided they would go, the domino effect soon had everyone kitting up and some even looking forward to the challenge. Once in the water the conditions weren’t as bad as we expected, in fact they were quite good under the water. My team did 85 minutes, with the high light being the seahorse they found just as we were exiting the water. Keith & Louise wanted to practice some navigation skills & so they decided to dive on the outside of the pier, although the current was stronger on the outside they managed it well & returned to their exit point as planned.