Mornington Pier – Saturday 4th May 2013

Divers: Chris & Mark

The weather had looked really promising for the 2 weeks leading up to the weekend, however the closer we came to the Friday the forecast started to look bleaker & bleaker. So we cancelled our planned trip to Wilsons Prom & decided to dive locally, the Coramba was our wreck of choice. Unfortunately this didn’t work out either, with the strong South/Easterlies blowing all night. So Chris & I decided a dive under Mornington Pier was our best option. The conditions were good & the viz about 8metres, we swam to the end of the pier where the fish always seem to be, as they avoid the fishermen. As we exited the wate,r another diver also finished his dive & he had collected enough Squid Jigs to more than pay for his airfill!!