South West Rocks 2017

South West Rocks


 Fish Rock Cave is Australia’s best ocean cave dive, and voted among the top ten dive sites in Australia, Fish Rock is located just over two kilometres off Smoky Cape at South West Rocks on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.

The thrill of entering a 125 metre long cave and travelling right through the centre of a small island is one dive that you will not want to miss. As well as the cave itself, Fish Rock is home to such an amazing array of marine life that you will easily understand how the island came to be named. This is a dive location that must be included in your dive itinerary!

Fish Rock and Green Island are critical habitat areas for the Grey Nurse sharks, which live here in large numbers all year round.

Created by a fault in the island, Fish Rock Cave runs from the deeper seaward entrance at 24 metres, 125 metres through the rock emerging into the blue, fish filled, silhouetted shallower entrance fringed by pink gorgonian corals at 12 metres.


Departs: 10th November 2017
Returns: 12th November 2017       (subject to travel arrangements)

Cost: $480- per diver

South West Rocks 2017 – Flyer